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“I'm a huge fan of the work @3drops put into Roadmap. Makes it super fun and quick to plan the future with my friends at work.

bjorn dropbox
Bjørn Rostad Designer @Dropbox Paper

A beautiful product clearly made by a passionate, experienced team.

Tim Van Damme Abstract
Tim Van Damme Principal designer @Abstract

“We’re using Roadmap to share project roadmaps in a visually appealing and clear way. Roadmap is loved by our teams and our clients!

Emil Bonsaksen Kodebyraaet
Emil Bonsaksen CEO @Kodebyraaet

Finally! I have been waiting for a simple, visual project roadmap tool for years.

dave carbonmade
Dave Gorum Co-founder @Carbonmade

“For early stage startups, focus is critical. It’s easy to get sidetracked and start working on things that don’t have value. A lot of the roadmapping tools that exist today are over complicated and make focusing your team even more difficult. Roadmap is intuitive and effective. Within a few hours of starting you can get your entire team back on track and focused on the things that really make a difference.

Jake Horn Tripgrid
Jake Horn Co-founder @Tripgrid

Very impressed with Roadmap

Mathilde Collin Front App
Mathilde Collin CEO & Co-founder @Front

“We used to get lost in Google Spreadsheets 😱. Now, Roadmap helps our team plan projects and stay align by sharing what everyone’s working on.

Luc Chaissac MuxuMuxu
Luc Chaissac Partner @Muxumuxu

“Loving Roadmap by 3drops for project management and scheduling at framer. Simple, minimal and effective tool in active development by a great team.”

>Benjamin den Boer Framer
Benjamin den Boer Design @Framer

“Our team was losing focus. Roadmap helped get us all back on the same page and executing on the stuff that really mattered

Jake Horn Tripgrid
Jake Horn Co-founder @Tripgrid

“We had a ton of spreadsheets, Trello boards, and docs, that weren't easily accessible or great at conveying timelines. We tried creating product calendars, but there wasn't overlap with backlogs, or clear success criteria for feature development. Roadmap was great in visualizing all of the pieces, features, and phases of development, and was just easy!

Tim Hartwick Zurb
Tim Hartwick Senior Design Lead @Zurb

Simplest way to provide a visual roadmap so I can chat with our founding team about high level proposed plan for the next 1-2 quarters, including which items are dependent on previous ones vs can be done in parallel, and which specific people will work on them.”

Phil Freo
Phil Freo Head of product

“🏆 Featured on Product Hunt as one of the best products in 2017.

Product Hunt

Clean design and easy to use like trello.

Filip Ljubicic Rowers
Filip Ljubicic Co-founder

“I have been using and loving @onroadmap by @3drops, a simple and elegant roadmap tool for tracking tasks against deadlines.

Nicole Johnson Atlassian
Nicole Johnson Product designer @Atlassian

“Roadmap helps us visualize multiple projects from start to finish, how and where we spend our time, focusing only on what is required vs unnecessary distraction. Roadmap most importantly keeps the trains moving – holding us and our clients accountable to deadlines and milestones.

Jason Briscoe Zurb
Jason Briscoe Founder @TheWorkshop

Loving the simplicity. It's very easy to create a new project on Roadmap. I don't need to provide a lot of information in order to start planning something new.”

Rogério Toledo Dose diária
Rogério Toledo Founder @Dosedaria

My favorite feature is the ability to visualize all tasks from different projects or teams in one continuous view

Brandon Kwock Zanbato
Brandon Kwock Product Manager @Zanbato

I love how visual it is and just how simple it is to use — Also the UI and little interactions are great!”

Colm McCarthy Design by Colm
Colm McCarthy Founder @designbycolm

“Absolutely love this product. A much much needed, well designed app for this space.

Simon Brown Ever & Ever
Simon Brown Co-Founder @ever&ever

“We really love the zoom feature as it allows us to switch back and forth between big company goals and smaller weekday tasks. Also, the overall design of the interface is simple, colorful, and makes us smile!”

John Clark Cochran Atbay
John Clark Cochran CEO & Co-founder @Atbay

“Love, love the visual aspect of interface. Easy to use the tool off the bat, everything is quite self-explanatory which is key. The split between the categories of tasks works well. The fact that you can share it with people outside with the share link is AWESOME!

Dersou Corbel Datawords
Dersou Corbel Project management director @Datawords

“We love how easy it is to set up. The ability to view multiple projects at once and how easily we can share roadmaps with clients is just great.

Abby Muir The Couch
Abby Muir Co-Founder @The Couch

It’s simple, flexible, and not too prescriptive. Its easy to move tasks and resize them. Sharing with the public URL is also fantastic.”

James Donovan Inhance Technology
James Donovan Product Owner @Inhance Technology

“Coming back to Roadmap today from 3drops. It's become a necessity for our team and I’m loving it!

Tom Smith Eberhardt Smith
Tom Smith Co-director @Eberhardt Smith

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