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Why does the last 20% always seem to take as long as the first 80%?

Sound familiar?
If most of your project management hours are spent stuck in Kanbans and to-do lists, you’re probably used to having tasks expand to fit whatever time you’ve set aside for them. Complicated or opaque tasks get put off until the last moment. By the time you get to those last few to-dos, motivation is low and everyone on the team feels a little burned out. That last 20% begins to feel like the first 80%.

What if your team understood why each day was important?

  • What if they understood how each task, milestone and team member fit into the bigger picture?
  • What if instead of having a static list of to-dos handed to them, they could manage their part with the same sense of importance and accountability as a high-level manager?
  • What if they had a clear sense of how it all fit together?

That would mean motivation would be constant and linked to the milestones and the tasks that really mattered.

That would mean that the last 20% really would be really be last 20%. It would mean motivation would be constant. It would mean everyone could be their own manager. It would mean fewer stand ups, fewer meetings and fewer planning docs consigned to the Google Drive graveyard.

Introducing Roadmap

Introducing Roadmap: a project planning tool for those crazy productive teams that don’t need to be nannied by middle managers. With Roadmap, each and every task is located within a broader hierarchy of milestones and deadlines. You can zoom out to see the project at a glance or zoom in to see which tasks need to be completed on the day.

Roadmap is a complete project management solution designed to maintain accountability and motivation through big picture thinking. It does this by subordinating lists of tasks to a project’s overall vision. With Roadmap, you’ll stop blowing deadlines because you got lost in the details.

By clearly showing how each member’s work is related to the next, Roadmap creates horizontal accountability or accountability between colleagues. It’s more effective over the long term and it’ll allow you maintain momentum long after the initial excitement.

The best part is that Roadmap actually makes you a better manager. By visualizing time management and allocation, you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes. You’ll be able to leverage the data of past projects to see where you got it wrong. Roadmap makes estimating, costing and shipping more predictable and repeatable. But don’t take it from us: right now, it’s being used by teams like Dropbox, Framer and Shopify.

Communicate the big picture. Never miss a deadline again. Sign up for Roadmap.

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