Stop organising tasks,
start prioritising your team's work.

Prioritise, manage and track your team’s work with Roadmap.

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Scale up, scale down.
It’s all there.

Roadmap is a radically transparent project management system that shows you, and your team, why each day is important. No more “what should I work on?” It’s all there for everyone to see. Now and into the future.

“I'm a huge fan of the work @3drops put into Roadmap. Makes it super fun and quick to plan the future with my friends at work.”

bjorn dropbox
Bjørn Rostad Designer @ Dropbox Paper
team schedule

Your team. Optimized.

Create a project, assign tasks and see your team’s schedule populate. With Roadmap, you don’t have to worry about whether everyone has enough to work on. It's all there, perfectly visualized.

“Loving Roadmap by 3drops for project management and scheduling at framer. Simple, minimal and effective tool in active development by a great team.”

>Benjamin den Boer Framer
Benjamin den Boer Design @Framer
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Today's work for
tomorrow's deadline.

Roadmap is designed to focus your team on what matters most each and every day. Follow along as your team moves to closer to meeting their goals. With Roadmap, there’s no worrying about what comes next.

“Very impressed with Roadmap”

Mathilde Collin Front App
Mathilde Collin CEO & Co-founder @Front

An intuitive toolbox

Some of our customers favorite features:

Flexible views

Whether you like to plan Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly, we’ve got you covered. Just hit Zoom in/Zoom out!

Slack updates

Keep everyone in the loop with the most important updates by connecting Roadmap to your team’s Slack.

Share with a link

Share your Plans and Schedules by simply sending the link to anyone you like. No downloads, no signups, no fuzz.

Import from Trello or Jira

Get up to speed in no time by importing your work from other apps and pick up where you left off.

Learn from the past

Review your timelines to see where you lost time so you can prioritise better next time.

Manage access

Update members roles to give them superpowers or limit their access. Invite guests, lock plans and more.

Communicate the big picture. Never miss a deadline again. Sign up for Roadmap.

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